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“The kinkiest experience I’ve ever had was when I went to a drum circle on the beach that turned into an orgy. There were people fucking on blankets and in the water. I fucked three guys that night and ate more pussies than I could count. It was so dark you could barely see. I’m not even sure whom I hooked up with, and for some reason I find that hot. Afterwards I joked that instead of a drum circle it was a cum circle.”


It looks like little Maddy is learning how to loosen up. The last time we saw her, she was shy in front of the camera, but now we can see her opening up and having fun. She grabs this stud by his big cock and gets to sucking. When it’s time to fuck, she spreads wide and coats his rod with her pussy cream. Maddy gets put in all kinds of positions, including the pile driver. She’s smiling and laughing and having a good time. She’s finally got the hang of cumming on-camera. And to top it off, she gets a nice, sloppy creampie which she squeezes out for you. Go Maddy!

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“I know it’s wrong, but I’ve always had a crush on my best friend’s dad. As she and I got older and started doing more stuff on our own, I saw less and less of him. But I was hopeful I would see him one night that I slept over her place. And as it turned out, I did see him. All of him, and boy, does he have a thick cock! While she was in the downstairs office finishing up some homework, I was upstairs sucking her dad’s fat cock and cumming all over it. Like I said, I know it’s wrong, but it felt so right.”

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Nurse Chloe knows how to make you feel better. She offers up her warm mouth and wet pussy to relieve your aching balls. She lets you fuck her till her girl cream is spread all over her pussy and ass. Then she sticks out her tongue to taste your cum. If your load is big enough, she knows she’s succeeded. If not, then she goes right back to work on your cock. “Nothing is better than a guy giving me his big, juicy load. The bigger, the better!”

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“In person, I’m kind of shy. But when you put a camera on me, something happens. I get more bold and extroverted. I want to show off. It started when I would take nude selfies for guys. I’d get a thrill not just from their reaction but also from seeing myself in sexy poses. Like, damn, I’m hot! And now here I am, taking naked pictures and cumming for the whole world to see. When I go home, I’ll be back to my normal, quiet self. But for now, you get to see my freaky side.”


“Whenever I play with myself or have sex I get super wet and creamy. At first I used to be embarrassed about it, but then I figured out that guys really like it because it means I’m really turned on. Plus it makes sex feel so much better when there’s all this juice oozing out of my pussy. If I’m going to play with myself I usually have to put a towel under my butt so I don’t soak my sheets!”

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