All Girl Massage

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all girl massage

all girl massage

Lena Paul, Jade Baker and Violet Myers having some hot and naughty fun at the massage parlor as the eat some hairy pussy and some hot little assholes in these amazing lesbian porn gallery.

all girl massage

Description : Bella Rolland is a big city girl stuck in a small town for a family trip, and she is NOT impressed. Her back is aching and she can only find one masseuse in town — just one! And when she arrives at the parlor, she is not impressed by its amenities.

all girl massage

Description : Sarah Vandella and Mackenzie Moss, a married couple, arrive at a massage parlor. Mackenzie is looking stiff, holding her lower back and rubbing her tender ass, while Sarah is looking on sympathetically. Mackenzie is embarrassed to be at the massage parlor for her injury but Sarah insists that it’s better that they get it taken care of now!Katrina Jade, the masseuse, is intrigued as she overhears all of this.

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Description : Aften Opal, a new masseuse, is manning the front desk when Kayla Paige, an auditor, struts in followed by her eager assistant, Giselle Palmer. Kayla is all business as she states that they’re there for a routine audit and that Aften should run along while they do their work. Not wanting to get in their way, Aften hurries away.When Aften leaves, Kayla grins to herself while watching after her.

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Description : Kenzie Reeves is struggling while studying for her exam. She’s hoping to become a masseuse but she just can’t wrap her head around the section about bolsters. What do bolsters even DO, anyway??While she laments into her laptop, her step-mom, Dee Williams, walks by.

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Description : Riley Reyes and April Snow are two flight attendants trying to unwind before the next leg of their trip. April is especially stressed because she’s working a new route with a new crew for the first time. She’s so stressed that her whole body is tense, which Riley calls her out on. 

all girl massage
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