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FTV Girl amateur nudes of Aurora



A little about FTV Girl amateur Aurora

Born in Germany and raised in Las Vegas, I grew up with my first language being Russian. Aside from my cultural diversity I have a passion for traveling. I’ve been to Russia, Germany, Austria, Check of Republic, Italy, France, Spain, and so many places around Europe.

My career dream is to become a well known nude model in Europe. I also really love animals, my first pet was a Russian tortoise and I went from having parakeets to lizards to tarantulas and rats and hamsters, and I’m currently trying to get a ferret! I absolutely adore horses as well and horse back ride every now and then in the trails of Washington, where I live now.

Growing up, I learned how to play the cello and used to compete in National Competitions, and won first place a couple times. I have a deep appreciation for classical music and take a break from Eminem and Dr. Dre every now and then and just breathe in the real music.

It’s been said that people who know how to play an instrument let alone appreciate classical music have longer lives, which I can see why that may be. I find it a very meditative way to release your strongest inner intensity for emotional fulfillment. I come from a very artistic atmosphere, having a music teacher for a mom and an actor for a dad.

I grew up wanting to become an actresss but always being interested in one thing or another, so I just do everything I enjoy and try to make the most of it, in my own way as we all do. What helps me most to get through the day is people. I love to study the sociology of our world today and how we work and what we contribute the every one of our realities.

After I settle down from interest to interest, when I feel that my freedom has made me wild enough! What I liked most about my shoot was rollerskating naked. Doing daring things like that in public makes me shy and nervous and getting out of my comfort zone is what I’m about. I would do it again, with someone else would be even more fun!

I also really liked playing tennis and fucking the tennis racquet, that felt kind of painful but pleasurable at the same time. I didn’t like that my pussy was too tight for some of the toys I really wanted to play with, but better luck next time! And lastly I enjoyed working with such an easy going fun guy like Rob, he definitely made it all worthwhile!

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