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My plan on getting to be able to travel all over the world is to be a makeup artist and shoot on location. I would love to get girls ready for their shoots and experiment with all different colors of makeup and skin tones, hair colors, everything! That excites me so much.

I use makeup as a form of art and I love to highlight and contour my face in a way that makes it more appealing to the camera. I’d love to perfect this skill much, much more before I make a big move, but I really think it’s something I could see myself doing in the future. It had always been something I dreamed of and kept in the back of my mind but never really thought more deeply about pursuing it until recently.

I want to save up lots of money, move somewhere warm (Buffalo is WAY too cold for me,) and invest in salons that specialize in makeup and massages. I love massages too. They’re just so relaxing and really help relieve built up tension. Now that I have much more confidence, I really see my dreams starting to come together and I can see more clearly where I’m headed. I really believe I’m on the right path and starting to enjoy my life each and every day.

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