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Hey everyone! My name is Lucy Sunflower. I am from the Bronx in New York City. East Coast forever! I am Nicaraguan and Guatemalan and of Indigenous decent. Where are my Latinos at? Anyway, I love to travel, and I am so grateful my new porn career allows me to travel all over the USA. More Amateur Porn!

I am certified in TNRM which stands for Trap, Neuter, Return and Monitor. TNRM is the only humane alternative to controlling the cat populations around the world. So, I am outside on these dangerous Bronx streets, gathering sick and feral cats and helping them get neutered, vaccinated and ensuring they will not suffer in neglect.

I take a lot of pride in my cat rescue work, and I know I make a difference in this world – other than fucking on camera, of course! I am also deeply spiritual. I am an intuit and mystic. What this means is that I am on a big spiritual path to find enlightenment and I also do a lot of magic. Enjoy more Babe Porn!

Magic and ritual practices are very important to me. I bet you didn’t know every time you see me have sex on camera, I am using my orgasms and sexual energy exchanges to manifest and do magic with! I am a Taurus sun, so I am big into food, working hard, bumming hard and chilling.

I love my sense of humor and it brings me so much joy to make others laugh when I can. It seems I just want everyone to feel good one way or another and that makes me extremely special in this industry.

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