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Ever since I was a teenager I have enjoyed watching chicks without them knowing that I am looking at them. In high school, when my older sister brought her friends over to swim, I would stand at a certain place outside where I could look through the window and see them change into their bathing suits. As I grew older, these opportunities didn’t present themselves as easily as they had in the past. There were times, however, when I would catch a woman sitting with her skirt open wide enough to see her panties, when I was lucky, she didn’t even have any on. Women walking with their buttoned shirts opened so I could peek and see their bra has always been a turn on for me as well.

Now that I’m an adult, the thrill of seeing women in this manner has never waned, but the opportunities are incredibly infrequent. I don’t want to break any laws or get in any type of trouble, but I want to watch naked women doing whatever they do in life without them actually interacting with me. I decided to look into Live Web Cam websites and see if there were any women there that could make my fantasies become reality.

When I finally chose a live chat website I immediately saw hundreds of thumbnails of absolutely beautiful women. Each of them were prettier than the next. Most men would have a difficult time choosing which one to pick. I think that I may be a bit different though because I wanted someone that looked like a girl next door. I didn’t want a super sexy babe with a perfect body and huge tits. I wanted to find a girl that looked like an average chick that I would see on the street. It made it feel much more realistic to me. I looked through all of the pictures and found a really pretty girl that was more on the curvy side. She wasn’t porn star material, but like a pretty hot neighbor that you would smile at when you passed her to get your mail. I clicked on her picture and saw how she moved and smiled and what she wrote to the others that she was chatting with in the public room. I liked her shy smile when she wrote something sexy. I wanted to get to know her better. I thought that she would be a wonderful cam girl for me.

I paid for a lot of credits so that we could spend a good amount of time alone in a room together. I wanted to be able to watch her for hours and not worry about time running out. I asked her to meet me privately and then I was directed to a private room that she and I could speak in detail.

Courtney was so understanding when I explained to her that I wanted to watch her without her interacting with me at all. I told her that I just wanted her to put the video camera on and do what she would normally do in her room. If that was changing or masterbating, then that would be great. She could be reading or sleeping too. Without missing a beat, she moved the camera so that the bed was in the center of it. She lied down and began to talk on the phone to a girlfriend. I just sat and watched her with her short shorts and the long, white, v-neck shirt that exposed one breast under a black lace bra. Watching her turned me on so much, but when she got off the phone and moved her hand down her shorts I began to really get a rush.

She started to finger herself and I could see that she was getting into it. I jerked off while I listened to her moans and came as soon as I saw her arching her back with her own orgasm. Without saying goodbye, I turned off the camera and wrote her a note.

I explained to her how excited that my experience with her was for me and asked if we could meet again to do it more. She responded very quickly and told me that it was exciting for her to be watched as well and that she had an unusually strong orgasm knowing that I was there and pleasuring myself to her masterbating. She gave me some days and times that she would be available and so we set up a weekly meeting where I would just “enter” her private chat room and watch her doing whatever she happened to be doing at the time.

Over time Courtney has been incredibly creative with allowing me to watch her and she has even moved things into public places. She has used her phone camera to let me see up her skirt while she has been out with friends. She has brought me into dressing rooms with her, store bathrooms, the gym, and more! I never know where she will be but we have our own time and day that is ours and I get to watch her sexy body without anybody seeing. I have formed a wonderful relationship with her that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Of course, I tip her well because she is worth every penny. She knows what I like and provides it to me effortlessly. I couldn’t be happier.

Web cams have become a foundation of my sexuality. They have allowed me to live out my fantasies without any form of judgement. I am free and encouraged to be who I am and the rewards have been more that I could have ever imagined. I can’t express how great it feels to me.

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