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So disrespectful. These kids going to botanical gardens in their cheeky shorts with their little boobies falling out of a skimpy top. Reina Rae needs to get a real job, like bringing obese people their garbage food at a chain restaurant, or restocking shelves with imported Chinese plastic that will end up in the water table. Do something important with your life, Reina. Get a degree in Communications or Women’s Studies. Change the world! You can not use your looks and sexuality to feed yourself. You do not own them. You must suffer like the rest of us.

naked women pics

Claire Mandeville recently adopted a new kitten and a puppy. The cat was cool, but her puppy was constantly yapping and nipping at my ankles while I photographed Claire. I would have lost my nerve, but I had just downed three ounces of full spectrum CBD oil. Claire’s petite and fit bod also served as a great distraction. Looks like I finally found a way to put those pup-stomping days behind me. Stay medicated, my amigos.

naked women pics

Sylvia Belotti is the type of woman that I hope young men I see in the gym locker room have as a girlfriend or fuckbuddy. These dorks flex in the mirror, search for the perfect angles, snapping multiple images with their iPhones, all without a hint of shame. I really hope someone like Sylvia is on the receiving end of these pics. Otherwise, it looks super gay. And that’s a big turnoff for me.

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Sasha Apex believes that she is not appreciated on Zishy just because a few twats on here have left negative comments about her ink. I have urged her to ignore outdated critics that do not share her opinions on aesthetics and are unable to hold their tongue. Nonetheless, she blocked me. I am pretty sure she will come around eventually. But yeah, tats, who needs ’em?

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Hello, pals. Here is the latest find from Dan in Colombia. Rosa Calderon is full of youthful natural beauty. I can’t wait until she gets a bunch of tattoos and cosmetic surgeries. Kidding, of course. More of her to come with one of her real life friends who has also appeared on Zishy. Any guesses? Have a great weekend.

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On these grounds, you can ingest mind-altering substances, walk around nude, make love with partners of any gender, feed your face into oblivion, use the wildlife as target practice. You can do just about anything. This is freedom. This is democracy. But please, PLEASE do not mention anyone from our community blacklist or you will be immediately removed. We don’t talk about Bruno, or Andrew, or Alex, or Gavin, or Donald, or Milo. Their voices will poison your soft minds. Do not question our judgement. We know best.

naked teen
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