Petite and shy Skylar removes jeans

My name is Skylar and I am 24 years old. I really enjoyed shooting for the True Amateur Models website. This is also the only website that I am on since I’ve never done anything like this before, but the shoot was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to shooting again! I sure hope that you all enjoy my modeling pictures and be sure to watch our for more of them coming!

I live in Tampa, Florida, which is not that far from Clearwater Beach, and since the weather was very nice the other day, I decided to drive over to the beach to walk around the gift ships and to get some sunshine, since I had been at home over the last few days being bored. As I was walking around the stores, I met this guy that specializes in shooting amateur girls modeling nude! I heard him talking to a girl standing near me about modeling nude, but she told him that she was not interested in doing a nude modeling shoot. However, when it comes to me, and even though I’ve never done any nude modeling before, it is something that I’ve thought about a couple of times.

I really wanted to talk to him about it, so when he walked away, I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him if he could talk to me about the modeling opportunity! We walked over to the bench in front of the store and both sat down. He showed me his website and explained to me how the shoots are and he showed me a bunch of the models! To make a long story short, I told him that I would love to become one of the models on his website, so we both scheduled the shoot and I drove over to the shoot the next day! I had a lot of fun shooting, and like I mentioned before, be sure to watch our for more content coming out from me because I am planning on shooting for the True Amateur Models website again!

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