Zishy girls in todays updates showing off and teasing you in these erotic pics

Zishy girls in todays updates showing off and teasing you in these erotic pics. Which one of these ladies is your favorite? More Zishy porn here!

Back in the day, it was common for fathers to joke about sleeping with the babysitter. I certainly would not recommend that sort of thing. It would probably wreck your life in many ways. That being said, Hazel Moore would be too much temptation in the role of nanny. Do not hire her. But this is what Zishy is for. It should be ok to have outrageous fantasies, and if it isn’t, then I’m totally fucked. Video coming tomorrow.

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Some dictators are so wise that instead of making their countrymen lazy by providing drinkable tap water, they have them find alternative solutions, such as fetching it from local springs. Of course, you can always purchase bottled water in a store using debased currency if you prefer. Victoria Minina gives us a taste of life in a small Russian village. She also shows us her boldest travel attire. I imagine there is not a long wait at Russian airports these days. The country is way overdue for a regime change. C’mon, guys. You got this.

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I might write something really witty and upsetting later. Today is my birthday though. So whatevs. Courteney Hamm is a real piece of work.

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Sometimes life is simple and wonderful, just like the night shown here in these photos. Grace Onfire came to Los Angeles by way of Philly. She is chasing her dreams like so many others in this city. Fame, fortune, or maybe just some good ol’ fun while she’s in her twenties. I am happy to be of service. There is still plenty to appreciate in this world, and believe it or not, most of it isn’t found on your phone. Stay living.

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It is Monday and I am back showcasing another special beauty from Ukraine. I hope Emily Cutie is safe and the war in her country ends soon, not like those long-lasting shit-shows in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Uganda, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Korea, Vietnam, you get the point. We must not lose optimism. There is no way that our future could possibly be worse than our past. If anything, it will just be more of the same. And when we finally meet our end, hell can certainly not be worse than suffering through one hour of a TikTok feed.

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My guy, Bobby, just recently had his home raided by the police in Venezuela. They took his computers and his camera equipment. He was given a couple of days to come up with thousands of cookies (which he certainly does not have) in order to avoid jailtime. I am filled with outrage that there are places in this world where producing adult content is a reason to lock someone inside a metal cage. The good news is that Bobby had shot Katie Arias for us again prior to his legal woes. Feeling a bit guilty, I decided to send Bobby many, many of my prayers. Hopefully, he can be rehabilitated and return to society in a few years. BTW, I’m thinking of getting a new wrap for my Model X. What color do you think would be dope?

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