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This is a contributor set from Colombia. The photographer was eighty three years old, had only one functional leg, and spoke with an extreme stammer. So all that being said, I think he did a wonderful job here with Debra Mendoza. Could he have gotten her to be more expressive? Perhaps. Did he intend the bonus video to conclude so abruptly? We will never know. The poor bastard had to face a firing squad shortly after he uploaded his set of Debra. Never urinate outdoors unless you know for damn sure there are no children around. R.I.P. Pepe. Have a great weekend.

zishy nude

Meadow Brink is weird. I am weird. You are weird. Everyone that I have ever met is pretty damn weird. I guess that is just how it will always be. These are from the first day that I met Meadow. So many things about this woman are unique: her story, her body. If you haven’t seen her ‘xtra’ content, then you are truly missing out. I will add a few more revealing photos from this raincoat update to her xtra now. More Meadow to come.

zishy nude

Nala Brooks has the kind of breasts that would make for a monumental tragedy if they were never displayed on camera. We walked around UT campus during the height of the pandemic. Most classes were relegated to remote learning, so Nala and I had minimal concern for spectators. Everyone was at home, scared and confused. I was still making smut because I have a mountain of student debt to pay off. It was a nice day outside.

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These are photos of Sofi Levchenko taken by her friend in Ukraine. Surprisingly, they did not have thousands of dollars to invest in camera equipment in their war-torn country. Nor was Sofi’s friend very experienced as a photographer. But we still get Sofi, who is always stunning. And the work helps these women out, which is oddly rewarding to my cold, misogynistic heart. Yes, that is sarcasm. And you do not hate women either, despite how much polite society would judge you for looking at Zishy or smut in general. You enjoy seeing images of beautiful, healthy, naked women. Embrace it. Appreciate women by showing them respect in real life. Smut isn’t real life. It is inspiration. It is a vision of what can be if you get your shit together. Or if you happen to find yourself in a committed relationship, smut is a healthy alternative to that gas station Viagra.

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I took the uniquely beautiful Jeni Kessler to Newport Beach for some photos at the harbor. We caught the attention of a few recreational boaters and one offered the use of his vessel free of charge. Of course, this meant he would be aboard as Jeni modeled provocatively, but I am sure this had zero to do with his kind offer. My initial reaction was to refuse, but I asked Jeni how she felt, and she gave it the green light. All was cool until our captain presented an impromptu poem that he had written for Jeni while we photographed. That’s wonderful, mate. Would you look at the time? We must be going. Have some video tapes to return.

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Here is part one of Kat Keen’s final appearance on the site. She seems to have moved on from modeling to focus her attention on podcasting and filmmaking. She is a fascinating woman to whom we owe a large debt of gratitude. Kat is one of those people I can point a camera at, sit back and let the magic happen. I don’t find myself constantly screaming “stop posing!” or “act alive!”, like when I hold one of my annual portrait sessions at a retirement home. Voluntary basis, of course. Nice Ass!

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Part two as promised. For those of you, like me, who are smitten with Kat, there is an extended video and a few additional photos of her available in the ‘xtras’ section. Zishy xtras can only be downloaded by subscribers who show my tip jar some love. Hey guys, inflation is real. I have yet to raise subscription prices though for over a decade. Same price as when Michelle Obama started her second term.

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Back in the old days, humans used to torture the hell out of each other. They utilized physical pain to break the spirits of their enemies, instill fear, gain obedience, etc. Important shit. In most of the modern world, we now think calling someone a hurtful name on the internet is violence. In fact, the mere mentioning of certain words can have you excommunicated. People now live each day in fear of either being offended or offending someone who is hyper-sensitive. I say bring back the spikes. Ivanna Ershova has a few torture devices of her own.

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Keira Croft is full of health, sex, and life. I hope she stays that way and never loses sight of what makes her special. I only have award-winning eyelashes and a fabulous wit to rely on. Shucks.

zishy nude

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